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Beer Review – Unibroue Ephemere

Although the Unibroue Ephémére is part of the the regular draught beer line up at The Pourhouse in Westmont, NJ, for whatever reason, I have never bothered to try it. After drooling over a recipe for Unibroue Ephémeré Apple Cinnamon Bread over at The Bake And Brew blog, […]

Craft Beer + Photography = Beertography!

The Craft Beer Revolution may not be televised, but it will certainly be photographed… Thanks to Twitter, Untappd, Facebook, Instagram, and all of the excellent beer blogs out there, photographing and sharing photos of beer has never been easier. For those of you that have never bothered to pour […]

Christmas Countdown. 10 Days To Go…

This little gem of a Christmas ornament was purchased during our travels in Maine this past summer. Lobsters singing Christmas carols. Does it get any more festive than that? On second thought, having some steamed Maine lobsters for our Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes in South […]