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Christmas Countdown. 5 Days To Go…

It is quite obvious that Mr. Moose was raised properly by his Mamma and Papa. Not only did he bring the gift of a Poinsettia to our home, he even brought a bottle of Anchor Brewing’s 2011 Christmas Ale. What a classy and generous Moose! WARNING! Shameless plug […]

Beer Review – Erdinger Hefe Weizen

Looking for something new, I ventured to Kress Liquors’ wall of imports and picked up a mixed six. One of the six was the Erdinger Hefe Weizen (aka Erdinger Weissbier). I have had about two dozen beers in this style this summer and while it is not one […]

Beer Review – Shiner Bock

Have you ever had a beer and found it to be so good and it sort of frames your evening and leaves you with a powerful memory? Have you ever had that beer again and then thought what just happened? That was my experience with the Shiner Bock. […]