The Freshman + The ImpEx Collection Edition Two


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When someone says you get to talk about a Marlon Brando movie, you don’t say when; you say, “Stellllllaaaaaa!!!” No, wait, you do say, “When?!”; then you say, “Stellllllaaaaaa!!!!” because you think you’re so damn funny even though no one under 57 gets the reference and those who do look away in disdain since Brando was so over-the-top and the real star was Kim Hunter who no one remembers even though she played Stellllllaaaaaa!!!!

What We Watch When We Drink goes into the wayback machine with a One Show, One Drink episode that goes all the way back to 1990 when the only thing hotter in Hollywood besides shoebox-size mobile phones was Matthew Broderick. Oddly enough, in 1990 Mr. Broderick starred in “The Freshman” alongside, with, in the shadow of, at the feet of Mr. Marlon Brando, and we are happily honored to laugh at this fun very same caper which got Mr. Brando out of the heart of darkness and into a character with a striking resemblance to…oh, you probably already know.

And while we look back at The Freshman, we are happy to enjoy a little very strong Italian espresso whisky and rum from the second, and recently released, edition of The ImpEx Collection single cask series. We like our whisky and rum at the high octane level and these were right in our streetcar.

Someday — and that day may never come — we’ll call upon you to do a service for us. But until that day, accept this episode of What We Watch When We Drink as a gift on our podcast’s wedding day.

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