A Potluck Happy Hour w/ André Darlington, Author of Bar Menu


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Remember dinner parties, inviting friends over for cocktails, melting into the couch with a trough of munchies in hand and a punch bowl full of Long Island Tea with a really long straw so you don’t have to let go of the remote? Yeah, neither do we. We’re sofistikated party folk but willing to learn more, which is perfect since this week’s guest knows way more about party planning than us (“Honey! The Domino’s guy is at the door!”).

What We Watch When We Drink is honored to welcome back to the show author, cocktail maven, kitchen king, music geek, travel pro and our friend, André Darlington! It’s a pleasant chat about his new book, Bar Menu, as we dissect what happened to the in-home party since the days when our moms made Jell-O molds with fruit and finger sandwiches on Wonder white bread with…mayo.

André’s book of over 100 food recipes is for today’s home cocktail connoisseur (or us) who want something just a wee bit more interesting and tasty than a bucket o’ chicken (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).  And we at Team Boozedancing found the keys to the Boozedancing kitchen and tried our hand at a few of the recipes plus a few of the cocktail ones that André included in the book, just for this episode! SPOILER ALERT: Delicious!

So grab a brick of Velveeta (pretend it’s yellow burrata), some slices of boloney (pretend it’s aged prosciutto), and one of those Le Croix waters (because you can’t pronounce it so it must be fancy), and enjoy this episode of What We Watch When We Drink. You can go shop for the good stuff at Trader Joe’s afterwards.

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