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Happy Father’s Day!

G-LO's Papa

G-LO’s Papa circa the late 80s / early 90s

Real Dads mind the Arancini during New Year’s Eve celebration prep and proudly wear silly aprons while they do it cause wearing the silly apron is better than getting a tough to remove grease stain on their shirt.

Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. Ah, that generation of men who had no problem stepping into the kitchen and putting on an apron because, unlike me, they didn’t cook in a T-shirt of a bar that they’d never been to, that they bought in Burlington Coat Factor for $9 – so could really care less if it got sauce stains all over it. Those were the days when style ruled the kitchen.

    Happy Father’s Day!


    • LOL! My parents are tailors, so clothing matters to them. I used to care, but now I’d rather spend my money on food and drink.

      Hope you had a great Father’s Day Ed!


    • Back’atcha Beerbecue Bro! Arancini be the bomb in so many ways. They make for a killer bar snack. I’d try making them myself if they weren’t such a time consuming pain in the ass.


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