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Philly Beer Week News: PhillyTapFinder Helps You Navigate All The #PBW2013 Events!

The New and Improved PhillyTapFinder Homepage!

Philly Beer Week has officially begun! In addition to the Philly Beer Week app for your iOS and Android equipped smartphone, our friends at Philly Tap Finder will be keeping track of all the taps around the Greater Philadelphia area so that you can easily find that special beer you’re looking for with very little effort.

Without further ado, below is a message from Jared Littman of PhillyTapFinder. Happy #CraftBeer hunting everybody!

Dear Craft Beer Friends,

Philly Beer Week has begun!  With so many events to choose from, you crave more information to help you decide where to go.  And just knowing that brewery X is taking over the taps at bar Y doesn’t cut it.  You want to know what beers are actually pouring.  Enter PhillyTapFinder.

We work extremely hard, scouring the interwebs and contacting the bars to compile the tap lists for the Philly Beer Week events.  We want you to have that information so that you can go to that special event that is pouring that super rare beer or an all-time favorite.  The days of going to an event, only to be disappointed by the tap list, are over.  

We just launched a new feature on the site that sets aside a spot to post event tap lists.  During Philly Beer Week, from June May 31 through June 9, we are going to post the tap lists for the current day and following two days right here — BOOKMARK THIS PAGE!  We already have a whole bunch of tap lists posted, and we will constantly be posting more.  We provide this service to PhillyTapFinder member bars.
The beers pouring in Philly for this wonderful celebration of craft beer are absolutely incredible.  I can’t wait for you to see the information that we’ve collected:

Jared Littman, Founder/President

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