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Philly Beer News Flash: The New and Improved PhillyTapFinder Website Has Launched!

The New and Improved PhillyTapFinder Homepage!

It’s no secret that the “It’s just the booze dancing…” crew loves Philly and it’s massive Craft Beer scene. But with so many great Craft Beer bars serving such a wide variety of beers on tap from all over the world, figuring out what you want to drink and where you can find it can be quite perplexing.

Thanks to our friend Jared and his newly updated PhillyTapFinder website (The Wookie wrote about this great Craft Beer resource in March of 2011), finding the draught beer you crave has never been easier. Below is an email from Jared that outlines all of the improvements to everyone’s favorite Philly Craft Beer navigator. Cheers!


Dear Craft Beer Fans,

We are thrilled to announce that the new & improved PhillyTapFinder has launched!  While we were happy with the old website, we knew that we could do better — and we have!  We made many improvements, but here are a few of the more significant ones: 
  • A sleek, new design and color scheme. 
  • A landing page that allows you to quickly search the database or browse by bar, beer, style, or neighborhood.  You can find the information that you are looking for quicker than ever! 
  • The ability to sort the bars by how recently they were updated.  While almost all of our lists are updated about two times per week, we wanted to give you the option to sort by how recently the lists were updated.  So bars — the more often we get your updates, the more prominent your placement will be. 
  • Twitter/Facebook integration feature allows bars to quickly send their tap lists to Twitter and Facebook directly from their page on PhillyTapFinder. It also allows users to tell their friends and followers about the rare beer or killer tap list that they found. 
  • More advertising options for bars, brewers, distributors, events, etc.  Our last round of advertising sold quickly so please contact us at the email address above if you are interested.
 For more details about these features and more, check out our blog post.  Also, keep your eyes out for the first PhillyTapFinder Insider’s Newsletter.
Enough talk.  Just visit the new PhillyTapFinder and see why we are so ecstatic!  As always, we welcome your suggestions and comments.  And don’t forget to bookmark and favorite PhillyTapFinder on your computers and mobile devices.  



Jared Littman, Founder/President
To find out more about PhillyTapFinder, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and “like” them on Facebook.

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  1. That’s great news! It’s a fantastic resource and always a go-to visit before I head into the city on a “research outing”. Cheers!

    Don’t worry, I’ll work Right Said Fred into this reply somehow.


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