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The Philly Beer Week 2012 Countdown Continues…

This just in from the good people that make Philly Beer Week a reality…

Can you believe it, only SEVEN days till Philly Beer Week 2012.  From June 1 through June 10, beer lovers can enjoy an amazing array of beer events at over 230 participating bars, restaurants and breweries.

This time next Friday, June 1, the Hammer of Glory (aka the HOG) will be making its way from bar-to-bar (think Olympic torch relay) on its way to a final hand-off to Mayor Michael Nutter who will use it to tap the first keg of Brotherly Suds at Opening Tap.  This year, beer lovers can join the HOG on its journey by jumping on, and off, the SugarHouse double decker bus for a free ride along (Click HERE for the route.  Click HERE to see some photos from last year).

The HOG will end up at Opening Tap, the opening festival of PBW with ample samples from the region’s top breweries. Micros… brewpubs… nanos – they’ll be pouring the finest ales and lagers, including seasonals and one-off’s.  It all starts with an Opening Ceremony (open to the public) at 7 p.m. on Independence Mall at 6th & Market streets, then at 7:30 p.m. you’ll stroll into the Independence Visitor Center for great beers, live music and more.   Festival admission is only $40, or people can come an hour earlier to the VIP session at 6:30 p.m. which will give them a one-hour limited audience tasting session, featuring a selection of special beers paired with complimentary beer-friendly food for $75.  All VIPs will receive a souvenir drinking glass plus a gift bag (Click HERE for more information.  Click HERE for photos from last year’s event).

Hammer of Glory, Opening Tap, bars all over the city celebrating the first day of Philly Beer Week 2012….today, the countdown has officially begun!

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve got Ben Franklin (we know, you know it’s really Casey Parker from Jose Pistola’s) posted on our YouTube Channel to share his 10 virtues with you for Philly Beer Week. Enjoy!

Thanks to Jennie Hatton for keeping us informed of all Philly Beer Week happenings!

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  1. Go on. Fool yourselves further.

    I’m boarding a plane to Austin (as Philly’s Craft Beer Ambassador in the evenings) on June 2 and don’t return until late evening June 6. Given those difficult realities there are 2 viable options for this year’s Philly Beer Week:

    1. Postpone everything 1 week.

    2. Postpone Opening Tap until June 7 when I’ll be back.

    Either works for me so why don’t you post a poll and ask your readers which they prefer???



      • Seriously, giving in to the demands of a madman? Doesn’t that break the first rule of diplomacy? What’s next? Emptying Gitmo? Buying a waterfront home in Somalia? Maybe you’d like to open an oil exploration company in Venezuela? I say, if the Monger snoozes, he loses! Plus, you had circled the 7th as your day of debauchery so can’t he just join you then?


      • You are correct! The Thursday is my day (unless someone screws with my schedule yet again). Me thinks there may be other factors at play here, i.e. why he can’t make it on the 7th.


  2. It’s weird, because when ever I ask myself questions, my imaginary Ben Franklin always answers them. I’m glad he’s your guys go to.


    • Rumor has it that if you are a native Philadelphian, i.e. you can trace your ancestors back to Revolutionary times, there’s a pretty good chance that Good Old Ben might be your Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. Good Old Ben not only enjoyed a good beer, but he was also mighty fond of the ladies. He did have the ultimate pick up line afterall… “Hey Baby! See that guy over there? He’s a blacksmith. You don’t want him. Me, I discovered electricity.” Ben was THE man!


  3. I wish I were going to Philly Beer Week. I’m also the spiritual son of Benjamin Franklin. I own one of his Libertas Americana medals. I named my son “Benjamin”, and I tend to hoard $100 bills… Alas I prefer whisky to beer… Does that make me un-American?


    • George Washington operated one of the largest corn and rye whiskey distilleries in the U.S. And, our great history is filled with stories of other presidents and their love of whiskey (Adams, Van Buren, Pierce, Buchanan, Grant, FDR, Truman, LBJ, to name a few).


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