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Celebrate American Craft Beer Week!

If you follow this blog, you probably don’t need a reason to enjoy great Craft Beer, but it’s always nice to have one. This week is American Craft Beer week, and a great time to thank those local craft beer artisans that take simple ingredients and create art.

To find local events in your area, please point your browser to’s dedicated American Craft Beer Week Page. There are great events all over the country, so take a few minutes this week to raise a glass of the best Craft Beers your local brewer(s) have to offer as a way to say thanks and support the great things they do.

And check out this really cool video. I love the opening line!


— The Wookie

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  1. You can’t tell, but I’m playing “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” in celebration. Let the drinking begin.


    • The drinking has begun!

      G-lo and I kicked off the week with a New Belgium Ranger IPA and an Aviator Hog Wild IPA late last night! Also my iPod is playing nothing but drinking songs this week.


      • I’ve never had the Aviator Hog Wild IPA. I wonder if I can get it on the west coast. Is it one of your favorite IPAs?


        • Aviator is based in North Carolina. They just began bottling and do not distribute outside the state yet. I am fortunate that my sister and her fiance bring me care packages of craft beer when they visit otherwise I would not have access to the brews from Aviator.

          The Hog Wild is a good solid IPA. I would put it on par with New Belgium’s Ranger though it is slightly milder. If you like your IPAs to be “Hop Bombs” like many of the West Coast IPAs you may find this mild. If you lean toward a gentler IPA this is a good one.

          Is it my favorite? That’s tough to say. I don’t have many “favorite” beers as I tend to lean toward trying new things. From Aviator I prefer their Devil’s Tramping Ground Belgian Triple … This is one of the best beers I have ever had (my sister brought me a growler). Aviator will start bottling this beer soon I an I can’t wait to get my hands on some.


          • I hope at some point in my life, that I have enough money to hire a “beer guy”. With his only purpose to fly to states and pick up cases of beer that I have no other way of acquiring. Until then, I will gladly live through you guys via this blog.


          • I have a txt message from Mrs LimpD that informed me you were enjoying Desperate Housewives instead of celebrating Amer Craft Beer Week with me and G-lo.


          • Desperate Houswewives series finale or BLL? Now, that is poll!

            Seriously, as I went outside seven times to move the sprinklers do you think you could have at least lobbed a beer over the fence.


          • Guess you forgot about the “plausible deniability” comment from The Wookie. We offered you many a beer, but you kept turning us down. *sniff*


          • It was suggested that I come and join you for the 15 minute sprinkler shift and then offer up some sad excuse to the Mrs. that the Wookie deemed to be “plausible deniability”. His suggestion was neither plausible nor deniable. I guess a quick beer lobbed over the fence while the sprinklers were moved was too much to ask.


          • Lob over the fence? Have we not discussed my lack of athletic ability before? With my luck, the bottle or can would explode on impact. Not good. Next time, walk up to the fence with your Orval Goblet in hand, hold the glass against the fence, give us that sad orphan look, then say the following: “Please Sir… May I have some beer?”.


          • I’m a little surprised. I expected the comment to slam my ability to catch rather than your ability to throw. I’ll have to try the Oliver approach to beer.


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