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DRAFT Magazine Beer Bracket – Final Four

Time to wrap up your beer bracket with the Final Four and Finals of the Draft Magazine 2012 Beer Bracket.

The Final Four have come down to the following brews:

So check out the finals of DRAFT Magazine’s bracket contest with the surviving top brews going head-to-head. The brewery of the winning brew gets $1,000 for charity and one lucky bracket voter will win a Beer Meister kegerator.

You can find the bracket contest and submit your picks for the finals at:   Voting is open through Sunday April 1st.

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  1. I’ve had three out of four (have yet to try anything by Deschutes). Tough choices! I think it’s gonna be Eddy Fitz vs. Double Jack in the finale.


        • While I might refer to the style as a Monkey-cino, I can appreciate the Escondido for the truly exceptional beer that it is. That said, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Double Jack either.


      • I too have had 3 of the 4 finalist, Deschutes doesn’t make it this far East yet. I went Eddy Fitz vs. Double Jack with Double Jack winning. My champion selection was based on Charity not brew … gotta support a brew that supports our Wounded Vets!!


        • Well, if you want to use that line of reasoning, I guess it is a good thing BLL didn’t select the Wounded Vets. I guess if PBR had picked Purple Heart, we might have a BLL vs. PBR in your final. Actually, I don’t think you can make a bad pick with any of these beers or any of their charities.


  2. Eddie Fitz is an excellent porter but even if Gordon Lightfoot himself handed me a pint along with an autographed Koa wood Taylor 714 Custom I’d still have to go with The Abyss. When all is said and done, I have Stone 15 taking out The Abyss in a nip and tuck match-up that should go down to the final lacing.


    • I would probably go with the Double Jack. such a delicious beer! The Stone 15 is excellent, but not something that I would want to drink too often.


      • I had assumed the Monger would go with the Stone 15. If there was a cult that worshiped the Stone Gargoyle, shared communal flan, and used Stone work shirts as their ceremonial vestments he would be that cult’s High Priest. The Monger loves him some Stone!!


  3. Double Jack made it through a tough region! And I’m surprised Edmund Fitz v Barney Flats was such a rout.

    I would put Double Jack in the final. I haven’t had the Abyss, but I long for it. I can only assume from my great experiences with less-lauded Deschutes beers that the Abyss would beat Edmund Fitz…but that’s not a particularly fair assumption. So, I will leave that game and the championship to others. (Although I would take Double Jack over Edmund Fitzgerald if that were the final matchup.)


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