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Brew Art – The Venn of Beer

Venn diagrams, or set diagrams, are illustrations that depict all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets. Bring a little education to your home bar or man cave with this art piece titled “The Venn of Beer”.  The Venn of Beer shows that where water, hops, yeast, and malt intersect, the wonderful elixir we know as beer magically appears.  This wall jewelry will educate your friends on this logical and awesome relationship between these simple ingredients.

You’ve upgraded your taste from Bud Light to West Coast IPAs, now improve your wall art. Take down that 1980s Spuds Mckenzie Poster and add a little class to your Fortress Of Solitude. You are now a hop head, but that doesn’t mean your pad has to look like your old college dorm room, or a beer distributor’s marketing office.

Interested? Check it out at Pop Chart Lab ($16).

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