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DRAFT Magazine Beer Bracket – Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight

If you are like me your basketball picks sucked and you have no chance of winning your office’s NCAA March Madness bracket pool. All that’s left is to watch the games, hope that the jerk in accounting doesn’t win, and enjoy some craft beers. But wait,  is there still a bracket contest where everyone wins?  Yes!

Last week we told you about DRAFT Magazine’s 2012 Beer Bracket. If you missed it don’t worry there is still time to get your picks in.  The first two rounds of beer match-ups are done but voting for the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight just opened and will be available through 3/25. So check out DRAFT Magazine’s bracket contest with top brews going head-to-head. The brewery of the winning brew gets $1,000 for charity and one lucky bracket voter will win a Beer Meister kegerator.

You can find the bracket contest and submit your picks for the next round at:

Some of my favorite brews that survived the first two rounds include:

All these brews have a great chance of making it to the final four and possibly winning it all.  What do you think?

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  1. Hang on! Just the other night you were giving me a load of crap about how you hated the Ruthless Rye and now it’s one of your favorite brews??? My review is up tomorrow. Look forward to your comment.

    Friggin Wookie!


    • My previous comments on the Ruthless Rye were that it was not top of my list of rye beers. If I evaluate it as a rye beer it falls short but just as a hoppy brew it is a solid beer. Since none of my beloved top rye brews are in DRAFT’s bracket I picked the Ruthless Rye as one of my “favorites” to advance in the bracket not that is on my all-time favorite beer list.

      Alternatively take the Eddy Fitz that I also list. You know that porters are not my favorite style but if I had to pick a porter the Eddy Fitz would be one of my first choices. Again not my favorite beer but in my mind better than the beers it is going against in the bracket contest.

      I will make sure to throw my 2 cents in on the Ruthless when your review hits tomorrow.


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