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Beercandy = Sweets for Hopheads

Looking for something sweet to go with your beer (that is not leftover Easter candy from LimpD’s)?  Try these sweet creations from Beer Candy.

Beer Candy is what the world of confectionery would look like if Willy Wonka was a hophead.  These creations from a homebrewer combine beer and chocolate in sweet and creamy taffy and caramels.  While I don’t usually crave sweets I wouldn’t mind giving a White Chocolate covered IPA Taffy a try.  And I bet the Raspberry Lambic Caramel covered in Dark Chocolate makes for one tasty pairing.

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  1. Raspberry Lambic Caramels…holy moly – fruit, chocolate and beer, in one tasty little morsel! I’ll take 10 boxes please. I’ve gotta figure out how to make these for the holidays.


    • If you figure out the recipe please post that thing to the interwebs. I’ll be looking to add those tasty morsels to our holiday cookie baskets (cue the drool from G-Lo).


        • I like your post on brew ice cream too:

          I immediately put the freezer core from my ice cream maker in the chill chest after I read it. Now I just need to pick a brew with a strong enough flavor to stand-up to the deep freeze. Unfortunately I don’t homebrew (yet) so it will have to be an off the shelf brew. Any suggestions for the brew? Maybe a bottle of Rogue Chipotle Ale with a little chocolate and chili added for the full sweet and heat effect.


      • Ice cream – excellent! Yeah, go w/ full flavored beers, they’ll come through better. Of course stouts are great w/ chocolate, also belgian triples and quads, double bocks, and barleywines would go well w/ vanilla – I lean toward malty rather than hoppy, but I’d bet an imperial IPA would be really interesting too. You can even boil it down some to condense the flavor, then let it cool. Love the idea of adding chili to ice cream (but you won’t add watermelon to your beer? Go figure :o) Do share the results!


        • I tried the WaterWeizen (sp?) with the Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment. It was interesting but I couldn’t get around having “chunks” in my brew. Now how about a watermelon and wheat beer ice cream or sorbet?


  2. Hmm, I’d be interested to try these out but not by buying a whole 1/2 lb initially (what if they’re no bueno?!)

    Ever try cookies to be paired with craft beer?

    there’s a couple in Durham, NC that makes some fantastic savory treats meant to pair with your favorite beer styles, that I love.


    • Sadly, most of our beer and cookie pairings come down to a bag a Chips Ahoy randomly added to one of our brew sessions. Sometimes we really need to step up our brew food game.


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