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Find the Best Drinks & Bars at the Jersey Shore

Planning to head to the Jersey Shore this summer?  Planning on drinking while your are there?  If you answered “YES” to both questions our  friends over at are working on just the site for you.

Coming soon you’ll be able to get all the great drink and bar information that you expect in Philly from while you are at the Shore from their new site

Here is what they have to say about it:

“We’re bringing everything you love about Drink Philly to the Jersey Shore!  Find drink specials, cool bars, and more this summer with Drink Jersey Shore!  On the way back from the beach craving a drink?  Go to Drink Jersey Shore on your mobile phone, because that mobile site you love so much in Philly works exactly the same way at the shore!

The site is not fully up and running yet but if you follow the link you can sign up for their newsletter and get updates as they prepare the site for a summer of fun.

UPDATE:  I wrote this earlier in the week as they were preparing to go live.  I am happy to report that it is up and running today just in time for some Memorial Day Weekend fun.

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  1. Is this another way of ruining my afternoon? I can’t get to Charlie’s for Top Guns or Tail Guns with Top Gun Sauce today.

    Is it OK to say my favorite bar at the Shore is the deck of whatever summer rental we invade in for a week in Ocean City?


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