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The Games That Craft Beer Geeks Play…

While attending my eldest son’s baseball game this afternoon, I was hit with a flurry of text messages from The Alemonger, whom I thought was going to drop by the field and join us for some Hot Dogs. It turns out that he was playing little games with me, and here is the string of texts that I received when I got home (FYI, The Wookie was a co-conspirator):

  • Text #1: Then it takes its phone to the back yard
  • Text #2: …….step……step…..
  • Text #3: It crosses the threshold of the bocce court…
  • Text #4: It bends as if bowing to Sardinia alongside the swingset slide…
  • Text #5: And it scans the earth inside the plastic fortress.

So I follow the instructions to the letter, and this is what I found…

That’s right fellow Beer Geeks… the “It’s just the booze dancing…” crew are now the proud owners of the Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA “Deconstructed” 12 Pack, or as our friends the Beer & Whiskey Brothers like to call it, Beer School in a Box. Thanks to The Alemonger for dropping this off in such a dastardly, underhanded, and HILARIOUS fashion!

Stay tuned for a full report…

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  1. If anyone wants to sneak around my house and hide beer for me to find, I would totally play along. Also, I know what I’m doing next easter 😀


  2. I don’t know what you mean by “the “It’s just the booze dancing…” crew are now the proud owners of the Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA “Deconstructed” 12 Pack”. When last I checked one of these was getting cold in my beer fridge but I don’t recall who the previous owner was.

    Note to LimpD and the ROK: Get over here before G-lo gets back …. Hurry there is only a 6-pack left!!


  3. So much for a quiet little private joke….

    I should have known that my cover would be blown by that nosy deck dweller next door to your blogging office and tasting patio.

    You should ask my neighbors about the random bottles they occasionally find on their lawns after heavy snow melts. Incoming!……

    My mobile craft beer tasting setup is available all week. Just ‘sayin.



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