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POP QUIZ:  You are traveling in a strange area of the country and think to yourself, “What if I can’t find any freshly brewed beer?”  What do you do?  WHAT DO YOU DO?

Fortunately there answer exists in the blogoshphere courtesy of the Local Barleigh blog.   Check out the Local Barleigh post covering With no matter where you are you just input your location and the distance you are willing crawl back to your hotel and … POOF … a list and map  of nearby breweries. is “powered” by which is described by it’s creators as an open library of beers and breweries.  While it is not currently as comprehensive as some other sites it has great potential and is a pretty cool concept.

Thanks to the Local Barleigh Crew for this neat find.  This one will get added to my ever growing list of brew links.

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