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Brew Gadget – Bicycle 6 Pack Holder

So you are a beer geek and want to save the environment (or work off the beer gut)?  What to do? Get on your bike, head to the local brew emporium, and use this nifty gadget to tote some fresh suds home.

The 6 pack frame cinch, originally meant as a polo mallet holder, has been repurposed as a handy holder for your basic 6 pack and at 22 bucks is not a bad investment.  I guess you could use this to cinch anything to your bike frame but can you think of a better purpose than carrying beer? ….. I didn’t think so.

Buy it here on Etsy.

DisclaimerWhile this is a cool addition to your wheels the Wookie reminds everyone to drink responsibly and only at the end of your ride and not before you hit the road, otherwise stick to soft drinks!

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  1. But where do you put the polo mallet? And what about the horse? I don’t know – seems to me that if this concept catches on, the local craftbeer shops will be stuck with a huge problem (and a huge mess) because their parking lots will be overrun with abandoned polo horses and mallets.


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