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Booze Banter – A Shout-out to Miracle Max


The Orginal Miracle Max - Not to be confused with our Max

How do you pass the time when you spend a couple of hours of your commute on Amtrak between Philly and NYC?  Well, if you are like me, after you answer a thousand emails and finish reports for work, you pop open your web browser, search the internet for new things, and read the news.

While trolling for local news a few days ago I was surprised to find that our friend, and honorary Booze Dancer, Miracle Max was “storming the castle” of the Philly Beer Scene.

What initially caught my eye was Joe Sixpack’s Daily News column on his experience at a local “gourmet beer swap”.  What’s a beer swap? I asked myself the same question, clicked the link to find out.  It was a neat article and a recommend you check it out.

Find the full story at the link below and look for Max’s quote about halfway into the story:

Joe Sixpack: Flavors flow richly at a gourmet beer swap

Excellent work Max! Let us know if you sampled any truly interesting brews that we need to hunt down.

As for beer swaps, we need to organize our own Booze Dancing Beer Swap.  Currently our swap system is just me stealing from G-lo’s fridge … wait … that system is working for me! Never mind.

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  1. It was amazing. $10 buys you the buffet and the beer is all free! Bring a nice bottle or two to share with friends and strangers and off you go. There wasn’t a lot of trading or swapping, mostly just sharing. There was a long table covered with bottles of beer. All of the ones that you “always wanted to try” were there, but you often by-passed them to grab the “No way, this is crazy, I never even heard of this, this is the best ever” beer. It was like you showed up with your bucket-list, only to realize that your dreams weren’t big enough and you needed to try harder. I brought 2 verticals, 6-years of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and 8-years of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout. I also went overboard and brought a 2006 Flying Fish BigFish, some aged Faros (sp?), an old geuze, Ithaca’s 12th anniv. ale, and maybe something I forgot. OK, I went over the recommended 2 beer entry, but no one complained. I think someone had a 2004 Cantillon to go with my old geuze. I did my best to try a lot of beer by drinking tiny pours of an ounce or two. The event lasted maybe 4-5 hours, and it was a good thing I had Mrs. Max as a DD for the ride home.


    • Miracle Max!

      Overboard? Nah. That’s just how you roll. Since when is generosity wrong? Or perhaps you just like to show off. Either way, you’re not stingy when it comes to beer and whisk(e)y. And we all appreciate you for it!




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