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Free Budweiser!

Could the rise of the Craft Beer industry result in the eventual demise of Budweiser? I doubt it, but they are losing business thanks to the refined tastes and adventurous palates of the under-30 market. Bud’s latest plan: free beer! Personally, I’d much rather pay for a good beer that I actually enjoy than drink a free one that lacks any flavor. Talk about empty calories!

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  1. From a man who has devoured a whole bag of Cheeseburger Doritos I am surprised you cannot appreciate the simpler things in life like cold FREE Bud on a warm summer’s. While the King of Beers is light in both color and flavor it is harder to make consistently than the over hopped “craft” stuff that is produced by every frustrated stock broker with a bottling works. It can be refreshing and just like all fermented beverages(, except BLL and Thai Whiskey,) it has its place in the world.

    Just last month while I was snorkeling in the clear blue waters of St John I learned just how good a cold crisp Bud could taste. After a long swim off Lovango Cay I returned to the boat and Captain asked if I wanted a beer. Not wanting to be rude and parched from the excursion I said yes and joined the old man for drink. Cold, crisp, and refreshing the Bud was just what I needed and no IPA or Pumpkin Wheat Ale could have done job.

    Appreciate Bud’s simplicity. What’s next? Are you going to tell me that Slim Jim’s aren’t any good?


    • There’s plenty of good simple beers to enjoy. Budweiser just isn’t one of them. I’ll take a Miller High Life anytime after getting hot cutting the grass.

      And there’s nothing wrong at all with Slim Jims!


  2. Gentleman,

    As luck would have it, my 25th High School reunion (aka the Sausage Fest per Mrs. G-LO) was held at Citizen’s Bank Park during the Phillies/Mets game. While they have definitely stepped it up and now offer better beer (Sierra Nevada, Flying Fish, and Yards for starters) than the usual Bud, Miller, and Coors, our mini-buffet had only Bud and Bud Light on tap. Since I was already out $95 for the event, I skipped the craft brews that were available elsewhere, and drank the “free” stuff.

    While the Bud and Bud Light weren’t as bad as I remembered, they weren’t very good either. Since it was a rather sticky evening, I welcomed the cold and wetness of the beverage, but alas, if I’m gonna suck down something with alcohol and calories to cool off, I’d rather it be something with some more flavor (a Cuba Libre would have been perfect!). I had a Guinness at McFaddens and three Bud/Bud Lights just before and during the game. Though the Guinness was a rather sloppy pour, it eventually settled down and was delicious as always. The Buds were exceedingly blah. Poland Spring would have been a better alternative. Luckily, my fellow alumni were exceedingly amusing and made up for the bland beverages.

    As far as the Slim Jim, I had the exact opposite experience that I had with the Bud. When I was a kid and living in South Philly, my Papa would always let me buy a Slim Jim when we went to the beer distributor for our monthly Frank’s Soda and beer run (all in return bottles which I assume is the original “recycled” packaging). I remember liking them alot as a kid. The one I had last weekend was god awful! That first grease filled bite was positively nauseating. Think greasy bacon but without any of that delicious bacon fat flavor. Going back to the Cheeseburger Doritos reference, at least they were crap-tastically compelling. The Slim Jim was just crap. Made me wanna cry!



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