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Beer Review – Victory Berliner Weisse with Elderflower

According to Beer Advocate, the Berliner Weisse style of beer which originated in Berlin, Germany, has the following characteristics: Appearance: Rapidly vanishing head. Clear, pale golden straw-colored Taste: Refreshing, tart, sour and acidic, with a lemony-citric fruit sharpness and almost no hop bitterness. ABV: 2 to 5% Keeping […]

Beer Review – Victory Kirsch Gose

If you read my review of the Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita, then you’re already aware that before I drank that swill, I had a bottle of Victory’s latest and greatest, i.e. their Kirsch Gose. Gose, which is pronounced Goes-uh, is a German beer style that goes back well […]