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Beer Review – 2SP Brewing The Russian

My older brother Sonny was in Philly recently (I also have an older brother Fredo, and several sisters that I refer to collectively as The Connies (the cold blooded, Godfather 3 version, not the beaten down and beaten up Godfather 1 version, or the obnoxious Godfather 2 version) […]

Beer Review – Boaks Monster Mash

Briefly abandoning my love of the mixed six, I went out and picked up a couple of six packs (a number of sharing opportunities were on the horizon) from Kress Liquors. One of those six packs was the Boaks Monster Mash. I was intrigued for two reasons. First, I […]

Beer Review – Bell’s Expedition Stout

Since it looks like the bitter cold weather is back, I’ve decided to try a dark and menacing beer this evening. Though 27 degrees is definitely cold (the current temp out there), I really shouldn’t complain, because it’s not going to get above 30 degrees in Kalamazoo, MI […]