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Beer Review – Sixpoint HI-RES

According to the good people at Wikipedia, movie trailers are called trailers because they used to be shown in movie theaters AFTER the end of a feature film. Once movie studios figured out that people weren’t staying around after the feature to watch previews, they started showing them […]

Beer Review – Stillwater Classique

Believe it or not, Winter 2014 is rapidly coming to a close. We’ve already “sprung forward” and moved the clocks ahead an hour, and in just two short days, the first day of spring will be upon us. Little league baseball practice has already begun, the G-LO family’s […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

This #Beertography post is my answer to the The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Below is a bit more detail about this challenge: In a nutshell, a three-picture story is a way to help you think about storytelling with images. To create a three-picture story, gather: An establishing […]

Beer Review – Victory Hop Ranch

Cowboys, lassos. cattle drives, and wide open prairies. That’s what comes to mind when I hear the word ranch. I also get visions of Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove asking poor Diane Lane for a poke… As it turns out, I am completely off base. Hop Ranch has […]

Beer Review – Smuttynose Durty

I haven’t had a bottle of Smuttynose beer since the Big A IPA that I reviewed back in February of 2013. For the longest time, Smuttynose was one of my go-to breweries, but you know how it goes. Once you start traveling down the Craft Beer road, you […]

Beer Review – Anchor California Lager

There isn’t much of a back story associated with the acquisition of this particular bottle of Anchor Brewing’s California Lager. I had it a couple months back, really liked it, and then decided to pick up another bottle for a review. BOOM! End of story. Here is what the […]