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Booze News Flash: A WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting, a Bit of Beertography, and a Blogging Birthday!

This week’s news post is all about us…

The WhiskyLIVE NYC WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting Is Online!

Last Wednesday I posted my review of the 2013 WhiskyLIVE NYC. If you managed to make it to the end of my review, then you already know that I took part in a WhiskyCast Virtual Tasting along with our good friend Miracle Max, Susannah Skiver Barton of the What Tastes Good blog, Ian Chang of Taiwan’s King Car Distillery (makers of Kavalan whisky), Hana Choi of the Style Fare blog, and Hana’s husband Olaf Asprink. Five of us were incredibly eloquent, and one of us was a slurring and babbling mess. If you want to figure out which panelist had a bit too much to drink (hint: they suggested fruiting up a whisky), click here to listen to the podcast on the WhiskyCast website. Please let us know your findings in the comments below.


Beertographer of the Week

As some of you already know, I’m a bit of an Instagram addict, and two of my favorite things to photograph are Craft Beer and Whisky. Our buddy John Kleinchester runs the Beertography blog and has featured several of my Instagram photos on his website over the past year and a half.

Two weeks ago, John sent me an email and asked if I would like to be featured as his next “Beertographer of the Week”. Since I was incredibly flattered by his offer, I of course said yes! Click here to visit John’s blog, and to find out why I enjoy Beertography so much.


“It’s just the booze dancing…” Turns Three!

Much like year two of “It’s just the booze dancing…”, year three has been booze infused and action packed! In addition to the usual beer and whiskey reviews, here is a list of some of the other things that we’ve experienced and shared with you over the past twelve months…

As you can see, it’s been a very busy year, and the fact that our livers still function (as far as we know) is a complete miracle!

Thanks to all of you for tolerating yet another year of our booze infused nonsense, and for making this whole blogging adventure an incredibly good time. And please let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see more of over the next twelve months.We’d love to hear your ideas!


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  1. Congrats to your selection. I like drinking it a little too much to properly focus on photographing it. But, you sir, deserve a hearty “Well Done”! And, congratulations on a great Year 3. I’m looking forward to another year of frothy fun.


  2. The Frenchers of St. Germaine and their coconspirators over at the French Laundry and Cirque de Solél perpetrated international offenses of malodorous behavior in not recognizing the brilliance of your Pamplemousse!!

    You guys get 100% of the credit for inspiring me to get back to work with all of your great work.

    Cheers and Patinkinry!!


    • Yes yes! The St Germaine snubbed me, but at least they inspired me to try my hand at cocktails. So I’ll consider it a semi-win.

      Happy to hear that we motivated you some. It only took 3 years! Once again, welcome back to the blogosphere!


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