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Booze Gadget – The Flask Tie

Flask Tie

This post is written specifically so that LimpD’s lovely bride can start Father’s Day shopping early.  I have find the perfect gift him.  A man that has everything, drinks anything, and could use a drink at work … The Flask Tie.

Wearing ties suck.  I partly chose my current profession because I didn’t have to wear a tie when I started.  Unfortunately, over the years, I got promoted and now find myself regularly wearing a business “noose” around my neck.  I could never find a good reason to wear a tie … until now.  The Tie Flask is basic unassuming business tie with a hidden 6 ounce hydration bladder to store your favorite beverage.

Check it out:


Now I can only condone filling this with water or a sports drink for those emergency hydration needs that come up during long business meetings but if you were to fill it with a slightly stronger beverage the applications could go way beyond the boardroom.  Think about how easy it would be tolerate dry wedding of your distant hippie cousin or how it could ease your grief during your Great Aunt’s funeral …. The possibilities are endless!

So this Father’s day show Dad that you love him and get him a tie that he’ll really appreciate.

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  1. Oh I will HAPPILY be the first to comment on this one! How on earth did you find this!? It’s BRILLIANT!!!! I have personally never rocked a tie (not even in the ’90’s when it was hip for a woman to don some obvious man-apparel) however, you may have convinced me to start doing just that. Meetings, weddings, funerals, etc … I’m on board. Well done! 😀


    • It’s amazing what you can find when roaming the dark recesses of the internet. I’ll see if I can find a version for ladies. Perhaps a nice pair Jimmy Choos with a hidden heel flask.


      • I seriously like how you think. 🙂 And I really did just purchase one of the ties (they should give you a commission!). In full disclosure, I am planning to give it to my husband for his upcoming bday … but if it works well, I’m sure I’ll sneak it into an outfit of my own!


  2. I have no idea whether this is the dumbest or pure genius invention (the kind where everyone in the room starts clapping slowly until the room is filled with clapping) I’ve ever seen but I’m leaning toward pure genius. Heck I’m hitting myself metaphorically for not thinking of this (as I’m sure many are doing the same right now).


  3. Starting Father’s Day shopping early? And, why is this directed at me? I rarely wear ties while you and G-Lo (and probably the Monger) wear ties nearly every day.


    • Always on the lookout for good gift ideas for Father’s Day. And this is only directed you because you were the one the did a post on the “Beer Belly” booze pouch. I figured this would round out your booze concealing wardrobe when you need to hide booze at more formal occasions.

      You are right, however, that I wear a tie more than you do but I am in the construction business and drinking openly in meetings is almost encouraged. As such I have little need to conceal my drinking.


    • Fun booze gadget for sure, but when it gets so bad at work that I need a drink to get through a meeting, then I think I will just put a bottle big enough to share on the table, along with enough glasses for everyone (cause sharing IS caring). That’s the beauty of working in Philly. A liquor store and The Foodery are but a short walk away. And then there’s the bars. I’m sure they will happily rent out some meeting space for some booze infused brainstorming sessions. I will happily “work” on the top floor of Good Dog.


    • If I see an uptick in ties in women’s fashion I will only have myself to blame. On the other hand if you see a woman in a tie you will know there is a good change she has a few ounces of whiskey in it!


  4. The day I got the tie, I noticed the neck of the flask was broken because it was screwed in too hard. I called the company immediately and the owner told me he was aware of the problem as he received a large batch of pre-broken flasks. He promised to ship me a new container for free. Three weeks later, still nothing. I left him 2 voice messages and 2 e-mails to follow up. No answer. This tells me he’s not willing to stand by his product. DON’T GET SCREWED (pun intended) BY THIS GUY. He WILL ship you a broken product !!


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