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Are You A Guinness Believer?

He's very proud of his pour!

Last night, The Wookie and I attended a Guinness Believer event in Old City Philadelphia. This would be our second time attending a Guinness promotional event.

This year’s event was held at The Trust which is located at 3rd and Arch Streets in Old City Philadelphia. In 2004, this building was used to house the cast of MTV’s Real World Philadelphia. While I don’t drink nearly as much Guinness as I used to (you can thank the American Craft Beer revolution for this), I will rarely turn down a pint, especially when it’s free!

Passing out the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

This event followed the same format as other promotional events that I have attended over the years, i.e. they give you a free drink as soon as you arrive, make you watch a promotional video and presentation by a brand ambassador, let you try a new product, and then they show you the door.

Last night’s Guinness Believer event lasted just under an hour, and in that short time, we were able to have a pint of Guinness Stout, a short pour of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, and lastly, a short pour of the Guinness Black Lager. Of the three beers that I sampled, I was particularly impressed with the Guinness Foreign Extra Stout since it had a much richer flavor when compared to the standard issue Guinness Stout.

While the good people at Guinness didn’t break any new ground with this particular event, they did give us an excuse to spend some time in Old City on a beautiful April night, and they even gave us some free beer and snacks. What’s not to like about that?

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  1. How was the black lager? Guinness rarely launch anything new here, I think for fear of a new coke/classic type incident – the extra stout sounds good, just a question of trying to find it!


    • The problem with the Black Lager is that it followed a fairly robust and flavorful beer. The first sip was rather bland. It improved a bit on the second and third sip once I cleansed my palate, but overall, I thought it was just ok. Will have to try it again on its own before arriving at a final conclusion.


  2. It was certainly a good excuse to get a pint after work. The “regular” Guinness was very tasty. Guinness, even among my beloved American IPAs, is still one of my favorites. The stout tasted about as good as I have had in a while not doubt due to their attention to freshness and super clean glasses and taps.

    Of the two “new” brews we tried I loved the Foreign Extra Stout. All the creaminess of the Stout with a hoppy bite. The Dark Lager was just “meh” but I will try again when my palate is clean and not hopped up from a brew like the Foreign Extra.


  3. I don’t know who the guy is in the top picture, but he looks very proud. And if he just poured that pint of Guinness, then deservedly so! I have to agree with Wookie. I love my pale ales and IPAs, but Guinness is still one of my favs (although truth be told I like Murphy’s a little better). The Foreign is good. And the Black Lager is OK at best. And it probably gets a couple of more negative points from me because it has the brand “Guinness” on it. I wanted a little better from St James’ brewery and didn’t get it.


    • He was indeed the pourer! I assume he noticed me breaking out my phone and decided to strike a pose. Do you happen to watch Breaking Bad? The guy in the photo above reminds me of the Gus character played by Giancarlo Esposito. He didn’t look like him in real life, but he does in the pic.


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