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Show Us Your Cans! Take Our Canned Craft Beer Poll

The once maligned aluminum can has finally been embraced by the Craft Beer world for its portability, practicality, and functional skill at locking in the goodness of crafty brews. We here at “It’s Just the Booze Dancing…” are always on the lookout for crafty cans to enjoy poolside, on the beach, or on the deck.

Last summer, we did a Canned Beer of Summer hunt and have been overwhelmed by sheer Candemonium.  Since then, we have had numerous favorite finds. Here are some of our favorite canned Craft Beers:

  • Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale – One of the canned brews by which we measure all others.  This hoppy brew from the canned brew visionaries at Oskar Blues is just “Damn Good Beer” as my fellow blogger described it.
  • 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Wheat – The unofficial winner of our 2011 summer canned beer search, this beer is light, slightly sweet, and the perfect beer to enjoy during a hot day at the shore.
  • Lancaster Kolsch – Say it! “K-OHHHH-LLLLL-SHHHHHHH!” More than just fun to say, this German Style Kolsch was my “Lawnmower Beer” of choice last summer.
  • Sixpoint Righteous Ale – Rye Beer in a can.  What’s not to love?

So what’s your favorite canned craft beer?  Take our beer poll, or let us know your favorites in the comments below. Cheers!

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  1. You all have the best blog site. Always fun, always informative! Wish I were a beer drinker to take part in the poll … guess this lady just likes her beer distilled. 😛 Happy New Year!


  2. Wait… this poll is premature. You should wait until MillerCoorsABInBevSwillBrew releases their new Trailer Trash Can (the “free flow” or wthatever TF they’re calling their latest corn juice delivery vessel)

    But since it’s here I’ll also throw in a vote for Sly Fox Royal Weisse



  3. For whatever reason Dale’s is the only beer I can think of that tastes just as good from a can or a tap. The Hell or High Watermelon is great on tap but in a can I can’t stand it /end SF beer snobbery.



    • Any brew is going to be a little different in the can/bottle than it is on draft. The Dale’s may just be one of those that can overcome the challenges of bottling/canning, shipping, and storage and still taste fresh and fantastic.


  4. One of the things I adore about canned beers is how unique many of them are in regard to product packaging. Beers like Allies Win the War, Perfect Tin Amber Ale, People’s Pale Ale, and even the Sun King brews (among many others), take full advantage of the space available on a can, to create a really unique look and way about them. And that Back in Black…such an appealing design.

    Unfortunately only about 3 canned beers are available in Muncie’s liquor stores currently, but hopefully that changes soon 🙂


    • I couldn’t agree more! There is some truly beautiful artwork on those oh so convenient canned Craft Beers. I just picked an Allies Win The War. Can’t wait to try it.


  5. This is a trend I’ve avoided completely. Not that I’m opposed to it in any way; I just don’t think to go buy craft beer in cans. Apparently I’ve been depriving myself.


    • I was once strongly anti-can. I had thought that the cans hurt the taste but it was more that, years ago, what was in the cans was already dreadful. Now there are some great craft beers in cans. Since this means craft beer can now join me by the pool, camping, or anywhere that glass shouldn’t go I am all about canned craft beer.


  6. I’m so late to this… but I love this post!! There are so many great canned beers out there.

    I also love Oscar Blues – their Old Chub is one of my favorites. I also love Young’s Double Chocolate Stout… delicious!! I have to say though, I can’t bring myself to drink them right out of the can… I have to be snobby and get a fancy glass. 😉


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