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Brew Gadget – The World’s First Personal Brewery

A personal home brewery that makes, chills, and dispenses fresh home brew all in 7 days.


Did I mention I want one?

I love craft beer but I am not a home brewer, yet.  The William Warn Personal Brewery would definitely move me into the home brewing world.  This gadget, from a pair of Kiwi Beer-Thinkers, takes all the gear needed for home brewing, rolls it into one package, and then automates the process.  The result is a brewing and dispensing system that goes from raw ingredients to cold beer in just seven days. (Check the website for a cool video: ).

The convenience of fresh home brew every 7 days doesn’t come cheap at $5,700 NZ (roughly $4,500 US) but whoever said cool was cheap. The system is not sold in the US yet but they have plans for global distribution.  I guess I’ll have to wait and just add this one to my ever growing wishlist of beer geek gadgets.  It should fit in nicely between the Drinking Hoodie and the Kegerator Arcade.

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  1. And here I was all set to head over to B.Y.O.B. in Haddon Twp to buy my first brewing kit. I had budgetted $275 for the kit with a couple of upgrades (floor mounted capper instead of a hand capper and a glass rather than plastic fermenting vessel). Now I have to send the kids out on more errands.

    Or maybe I can pick up one of those beauties on in New Zealand. Yes, that’s the ticket. And given the lengthy plane ride home my first batch will be almost done by the time I walk back in the door!



  2. $4,500?? Holy crap! That’s totally an awesome machine – but just go old school and brew in your shed – much cheaper and I bet the beer tastes the same.


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