Booze Banter

“It’s just the booze dancing…” Turns One!


“It’s just the booze dancing…” started out as a quasi-joke amongst four friends while sitting around the fire and drinking copious amounts of whisky. We considered various names for this collaborative forum ranging from “The Whisky Dicks” to “The BackDrunkAgains”.  We ultimately settled on “It’s just the booze dancing …” as it was unique and invoked the feeling of increased intelligence and smoothness one often gets after a few drinks.

Although we originally envisioned that the blog would focus solely on our whisky infused banter, our subject matter has widened, but still never strayed from what we consider the “finer things” in life.  Our first 200+ posts have covered beer, restaurants, travel, bars, music, gadgets/technology, whisky, and so much more. We’ve received some great comments from our readers and also used this forum to publicly poke fun at each other.  One year in and we’re just starting to really have some fun with it. We’re looking forward to more fun and silliness in year two!

At the one year mark here are some “It’s just the booze dancing…” facts of note:

Top Five Posts (Most Viewed):

  1. Johnnie Walker’s Journey of Taste: My Introduction to Single Malt Whisky
  2. Lunch Review – Dublin Square, Cherry Hill, NJ
  3. Beer Review – Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade
  4. Beer Review – Paulaner Hefe Weizen
  5. Brew Review – Sam Adams Noble Pils


Bottom Five Posts (Least Viewed):

  1. Beer Review – Racer 5 & Ruination IPA
  2. Something to look forward to…
  3. Turkey Day Beer Review #2 – Founders Breakfast Stout
  4. Beer Review – Samuel Smith’s Organically Produced Ale
  5. Beer Review – Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

Top Search Term: Paulaner (We still can’t figure this one out)

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  1. Happy Birthday to my shadow cousins of craft beer and snarky commentary. Racer 5 & Ruination in the bottom five? That’s as odd as all the Paulaner Patricks landing on your site from the interwebs.

    I thought you might do a list of your top 5 Dublin Square reviews…..

    I also thought the name was an homage to the Wedding Crashers (you know it’s not all motorboating and meat loaf).

    So… do we think that a one year head start is enough?????

    Seriously, very funny and well done blog. {bloghug}


    • Thanks Herr Monger! And you are correct… “Wedding Crashers” was the inspiration. You Old Sailor You!

      Care to do a Dublin Square guest post? That will officially get us to five of those.

      Keep the comments coming!


  2. I don’t have to buy anyone a present do I? Wait …. This may be an occasion to “re-gift” some Bud Light Lime. I will load a few cans into my backyard trebuchet and launch them into LimpD’s yard.


  3. Happy Birthday! Hmm, if you are only one, that legally you can’t drink. So, i am here to confiscate all your might tasty beer and whisky and will dispose of it in the HMG approved way, by drinking it! For your own good of course 🙂

    Looking forwards to the next year of fun


    • Yo A&A!

      It’s good to know that there are caring people out there looking out for our well being (and our livers). Thanks so much for saving us from the perils of alcohol. With no beer or whisky to drink, I guess we’ll have to change our name to “It’s just the soft drinks sauntering…”. Or better yet, “On the road to sobriety…”.

      Also looking forward to year two and more tasting note comparisons.



  4. Congrats on keeping it up (the blog) for a whole year! Quite the accomplishment. You’ve certainly made my blogging experience more fun in the short time we’ve been acquainted. Looking forward to more boozy blogs and banter over the next year and the years thereafter.

    Cheers beers!


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