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Beer Review – Otter Creek Solstice Session Ale

We got some warm weather and a little taste of Spring over the weekend so it was time to dust off the grill and try out some lighter brews in preparation for the warmer months ahead.  I checked out my beer fridge where I knew I had some new brew complements of the ROK (as part of the Beer for Power Tools Exchange Program in our neighborhood).  The description on the bottle of the Otter Creek’s Solstice Session Ale sounded like it would fit the bill so I gave it a try.

This was my first beer from Otter Creek Brewing so I didn’t have any of their other beers to use as a reference.  All I knew was the description from the brewer:

“Solstice ale is our brewers’ interpretation of the perfect session ale.  Seven different malts provide a rich malty flavor and aroma, golden color, and medium body.   Cascade, Williamette & Amarillo hops impart mild hop flavor and bitterness.  A generous dry-hopping with Amarillo hops provide a fragrant hop aroma.”

The description is pretty accurate.  This is a very mild beer with just hints of hops and malt and almost no bitterness.  At only 4% ABV and with such a light flavor one could drink this stuff all day.

Here are the specs:

  • Appearance: Hazy copper in color with a quickly dissipating head
  • Aroma: The essence of fresh bread dough with almost no hoppy notes
  • Taste: Mild and slightly sweet with a gentle malt finish
  • Style: Session Ale
  • ABV: 4%

Generally I liked this brew.  Since they guys at Otter Creek don’t add preservatives or pasteurize this brew so I would imagine that it only gets better the quicker you get it and the closer you are to the source.  I will definitely have to try this one again over the summer especially if I see it on draft.

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      • Oh. The Ale Monger is being a douche. Now I understand.

        These guys have “rebranded” a few times and changed labels. I thought this was a real comment not the Monger jabbing at my photography skills.


  1. Sounds good, I have had a couple of different beers from this brewing company and they always taste good. They consistently brew quality products. Their last seasonal was delicious, one of my favorites. I’m looking forward to purchasing a 6 pack of this one too.


    • I noticed that, but didn’t have the heart to say anything. I mean, Dublin Square has now been reviewed 4 times, so I guess a double beer review couldn’t hurt. 🙂


      • My bad, I would have mentioned the ROK’s previous review but I spaced out. It’s a nice beer and worth a review from a different perspective.

        BTW … Thanks for the brew ROK!


  2. This beer sounds good. I will be looking for it this summer. I have been drinking Stove Pipe Porter ( as my everyday beer) for 10 years now. Otter Creek is always fresh. The Best!!!


    • This is would be a great summer session beer. If you pick some up let us know what you think.

      I have not tried their Stove Pipe Porter. I will try to hunt down some and give it a try.


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