Booze Gadgets – Whiskey on the Rocks Redux

I like my Whisk(e)y with a little ice or “on the rocks”.  I have a ton of “rocks” glasses but I don’t have any glasses made from rock.  I may have to correct that with this new Booze Gadget.  Continue reading

“It’s just the booze dancing…” Deconstructs the Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA!

This past Thirsty Thursday, Limpd, The ROK, The Wookie, and yours truly got together in my dining room for a complete “deconstruction” of the Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA 12 pack that I found in my backyard, thanks to last week’s random “beering” by our friend, The Alemonger. Unfortunately, The Alemonger couldn’t join us, so we soldiered on without him. He has a 12 pack of his very own, so I’m sure he’ll leave some colorful commentary for us in the not too distant future. Continue reading