Business And Drinking…

The Etc. section of the May 9,2011 issue of Bloomberg Business featured the flowchart shown above. The purpose of this flowchart is to help you decide what to drink when out Continue reading

The Short Pour

At a Macallan event, the brand representative had defined a pour as the measure of the company. So, at an abbreviated assembly of the Kipling Road Society, if one member should entertain a “short” pour should the host take offense? Or, rather should the host accept the short pour when measured against the total number of pours in recognition one’s efforts to sample? This is a question that could be debated ad infinitum akin to a chicken or the egg debate. I, of course, am not one to offend my host so I opt for a strong pour in deference to the company and the distance to home. Some of the other booze dancers temper their pour in relation to the hour at which they must soon arise or the amount of other libations consumed over the course of the day. As a result, I am left in a quandary. Am I too liberal in my pour or are the other booze dancers too conservative in theirs?