Craft Beer Poll Results: To Age Or Not to Age? It Depends…

A few weeks ago, I had suggested a poll as to whether or not I should age a bottle of Fuller’s 2010 Vintage Ale or enjoy it now. Suffice it to say, that the majority of our loyal readers suggested that I get off my wallet and purchase another bottle. While I took the suggestion under advisement, our friend, Miracle Max, offered to put this theory to practice. On Saturday, he brought a bottle of the 2009 and the 2011 as well as a number of years of the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot so that G-LO and I might be able to try first hand the merits of aging. Continue reading

Craft Beer Poll: To Age or Not To Age? That Is The Question!

I recently made a trip to Kress Liquors in Cherry Hill, NJ, and while scanning the import wall, I came across a bottle of Fuller’s 2010 Vintage Ale. I have had the Fuller’s London Porter and the Gale’s Prize Old Ale, so the brewery wasn’t an unknown, but to be completely honest, I was drawn to the Fuller’s 2010 Vintage Ale because of the Continue reading