Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

SMWS Cask No 3.184 + G9.1

The above photo is my submission for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress’s The Daily Post Blog. This week’s theme is Illumination. And below are a couple more shots that hopefully illustrate this theme (one of them even won an award!).

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. To think it all started with an innocent craft beer, warm night, glass patio table and a flashlight…..

    Some sick pics up there!

    If not for the black hole we picked up at Brookstone last year I’d try to take a few of those pics but every time I turn on a flashlight the beam gets bent, warped and eventually funneled straight into the damn thing. Even tried to put it out in the trash a few weeks ago but it kept sucking the neighbor’s trash across our yard.



    • Thanks! Regarding that black hole producing Brookstone flashlight, perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a solution to our never ending trash problem. Gotta be better than land fills and ocean dumping no?


  2. I was going to comment on your high quality pics but then I read the Monger’s comment and my brain is beginning to hurt … must stop aneurysm!


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